We intervene in all fields and on a wide range of materials.

The knowledge of your business by our teams guarantees you that they take into account the production requirements as well as specific environments.


GTSF is specialized in all fields linked with transitic systems and ensure the smooth operations of :

 - Electricity,

 - Automation,

 - Hydraulic pneumatic,

 - Boiler making mechanic.



Computer Maintenance Managment System

GTSF acquired a performing tool to optimize its management of interventions and its service contracts.

Provided with graphics tablets, our technicians can realize an effective maintenance of your conveyors, insure a precise follow-up while keeping traceability of the information. By anticipating the breakdowns, in order to reduce the costs and improve the productivity, you avoid handling a plentiful stock and too long machines breakdowns.

GTSF's team wishes going with you in these various objectives.


 - Handling of individual items,

 - Overhead conveyors,

 - Storage and retrieval systems,

 - Palleting systems,

 - Vehicle chargers,

 - Sorting machines.

GTSF studies with you the terms of our intervention and can offer you :

 - Annual contracts,

 - Multi sites maintenance contracts,

 - Intervention “level 2” spares change, 

 - Intervention “level 3” assessment,

 - Out of production work,

 - Inclusive work.

Ponctual repairing : In case of bloked breakdows, we intervene at your request on site in the better timeframe. A simple solution without obligation of you.

Maintenance diagnosis : We realize a situational analysis of your installations and set up a detailed reporting. This outside view on the actual condition of your equipment allows a perspective of the required work and programmed production shutdown.

Preventive maintenance : We check and perform essential maintenance operations to proper functioning of your lines.

Curative maintenance : We replace flawed parts behind breakdowns or dubious diagnosed.

Outside assistance : Our technicians are able to replace your maintenance team in case of unavailability and insure the continuity of your service as long as at the curative or preventive level.

Complete taking over : We take over the wholeness of your maintenance process. A team of technicians supervised on site guarantees all the interventions link to equipments using. In this way a total externalization of maintenance service is insured.

Supply of electronical or mechanical parts : We supply required parts to maintenance operations and if necessary we manage your supply. The parts supplied are guaranteed by GTSF.