We have developped a highly know-how in the field of logistics tolls asset by great constructors. The combinaison and working experiences expertise of mechanical assembly, electromechanics and automatism insure a perfect functional comprehension of logistics systems and their sub-assemblies.


Mechanical :

 - Disassembly

 - Reassembly

 - Bringing up to standard

 - Fixing

 - Prefabrication of component


Electrical :

 - Pre-wiring

 - Equipment wiring

 - Box & electrical cabinet

 - Synoptic & operations panel


Total management of installation process

The greatest integrator designers of logistic systems recognize our skills and give us every day the implementation, the installation and the starting of their equipments to prestigious clients.

GTSF realizes the assembly of transitic installations ready to use : mechanical assembly, electrical cabinets, automate controls, test and production set up.

Specialized teams ensure the deployment and the constant availability of equipments and transitic systems : handling of individual items, overhead conveyors, storage and retrieval systems, palleting systems, vehicle chargers, sorting machines.

 GTSF insures a total management of installation process starting from receipt of materials to test and adjustements including assembly, wiring, automatism, etc.

Deployment and availability of transitic systems

GTSF insures :

 - Receipt of materials

 - Implantations

 - Assembly

 - Wiring

 - Automatism

 - Test and adjustments