GTSF group settled its head office in Sorigny (37). The group consists of 3 entities spread over France. The history of the company begins in 1986 when his creator has gone into a first assembly compagny. Others entities will be opened then to enrich the offer. Nowadays the group is specialized in transitic systems and proposes a global services offer arround supply chain.

Our history GTSF

2016 : Creation of GTSF brand

2015 : Obtaining of ISO 9001 certification

2015 : Implementation of CRM

2013 : Creation of the affiliated-company, Avenir Automation based in Rhone Alpes region.

2013 : Implementation of CMMS

2011 : Opening of FMI agences in Lille and Nantes

2009 : Moving of the head office to the Grange Barbier in Sorigny and creation of a 500 m² assembly shop.

2007-2008 : Development of the study service. The services provided are aimed to the customers’ global assistance.

2005 : Optimization of the organization.

2002 : Creation of the affiliated-company, FMI (Francilienne Maintenance Industrie) based in Paris region.

2001 : Creation of the automation service.

1988 : At the customers demand, the electrical wiring is added to the activity.

1987 : Beginning of the activity “mechanical assembly”.

1986 : Creation of the Company.