Who are we

GTSF is specialized in transitic sector, that is to say all automated logistics means utilised for :

  • Storage/Removal from storage
  •  Storing
  •  Picking
  • Shipment of all type of produtcs 


An this in all field of activity and distribution type :

  •  E-commerce
  •  Sorting and mailing
  •  Post
  •  Industrial supply
  •  Textile
  •  Large retailers
  •  Cosmetics
  •  Health
  •  Logistics service provider
  •  Hospital logistics
  •  Spare parts, etc.


Our group leans on its 30 years of experience in transitic systems to intervene in 4 sectors :

 -> Audit and study in installed systems optimization 

 -> Develoment and production of automatism

 -> Assembly, wiring and transfer of installations

 -> Electromechanical maintenance of installed systems 


The company settled its head head office in Sorigny (Indre et Loire, 37). We have a 500 m² assembly shop. That allows us to realize pre-assembly and pre-cabling of materials sub-assembly necessary to the installation of industrial conveyors. 

Our vision

Through our skills, enthusiasm, responsiveness and dedication, we create a performance environment in our partners and are proud to contribute to their projects by guaranteeing their success!


Our mission

Building on our leading position in the implementation and sustainability of transit systems, we guarantee services that comply with:

- Your builders requirements
- Your processes
- Applicable regulations

We ensure the deployment and constant availability of assembly and maintenance teams for transit systems.

We have multidisciplinary skills :

- Electricity
- Mechanical
- Automatism

We guarantee a global response to improve the performance of your equipment and increase the profitability of your flows.

Our values


Reactivity : At the heart of all our processes, reactivity is our DNA. La considération des clients, l’écoute et la compréhension de leurs besoins, nous mettent en situation de conduire une action efficace et adaptée, rapide et créative qui répond pleinement à leurs attentes.

Team spirit :the enthusiasm, the listening, the respect, the diversity, the mutual help and the solidarity are the values of team which, in the implementation of the major decisions, allow us to create the synergy of several fields of complementary competences and which invite us to progress together.

Customer satisfaction : The satisfaction and success of our customers is the priority indicator of our performance.
For us, the satisfied customer is a customer with whom we will build a lifetime cooperation. Flexible and adaptable, we use all our skills to guarantee, in time, the complete success of the adventures that our clients entrust to us: their projects.

Professionnalism : We have know-how, skills, high involvement and responsiveness.
Our employees are fully involved in their day-to-day work and provide the optimal responses tailored to the needs of our customers.
For us, professionalism means constant training effort, constant search for innovations, progress, qualifications, certifications and continuous improvement. We support this virtuous journey with passion.

Enthusiasm : for us, competence and expertise also mean passion for our profession.
This passion is reflected in the enthusiasm we cultivate at all times.
This inner feeling that vibrates in us, leads everyone to surpass themselves, for the benefit of the projects of our customers and those of our company

Trust : trust is the glue of our business project.
It reconciles our economic ambitions and social tranquility by offering autonomy, freedom and security to our employees.
By giving them our trust and recognizing them individually and collectively, they receive the energy that federates, they know how to give meaning to their actions and are committed to growing and growing our business.

Work : This is the key to our fulfillment and our "living together".
We make every effort, in support of our skills, our will, our individual and team commitment, so that our stable and sustainable business model, also benefits the Man in the company, with the aim of its professional realization, as much as personal.


Respect for the individual is firmly anchored in the GSTF Group's culture, which has been driven since its inception by Bertrand LE BLEVEC's strong ethics and deep humanist values.

Diversity and difference are considered a richness, a source of dynamism and creativity.
Beyond an attitude of listening and openness, respecting the other, it is also to keep its commitments in the long term vis-à-vis him, whether he is a collaborator or an external partner.

A national coverage

GTSF, single interlocutor, intervenes on your site depending of your needs and your geographical area through its 3 entities spread all over France. This distribution allows a global national coverage as well as european significance.